Based on the success of HRH’s AFDP and his desire to expand globally, AFDP Global was established in the UK in 2018. AFDP Global operates through two organisations: AFDP Global Community Interest Company (CIC) and the AFDP Global Foundation. It is anticipated that, as the work of AFDP Global CIC expands, more charities may be established in other countries (such as the US and France) to collect donations and support local organisations for the benefit of communities in need.

AFDP Global CIC is a registered community interest company. This means that it is established for community purposes and operates for the benefit of the community. Communities and benefits are assessed in line with our governance and selection processes (please see Work With Us) and in full compliance with UK laws and regulations. The CIC has two directors, who you can read more about in Who we are. AFDP Global Foundation is a UK-registered charity operating primarily as a grant-making body. It is run by a board of trustees who have control over, and legal responsibility for, the charity’s management and administration. The CIC has two directors,  four trustees and an advisory board. AFDP Global CIC has an advisory board made up of experts who provide insights and expertise to the directors. The board is fully independent from the board of directors of AFDP Global CIC and the trustees of the AFDP Global Foundation.