AFDP Global brings social impact to Miami


Our CEO reports back from the Soccerex USA conference

Together with His Royal Highness Prince Ali and our Director of Communications Shimon Cohen, I represented AFDP Global at Soccerex USA in Marlin’s Park, Miami last week.

Soccerex USA brought together leaders from across the world of football, both as a sport and an industry. It was important for the AFDP Global team to be there to raise awareness of our work and to reach out to new partners, as we know that social impact is a key priority for many organisations working within football.

On the first day of the conference, we led a panel discussion before a packed room on the topic of Global Social Impact: Transforming Communities Through Football. It was incredible to see how engaged the audience were with our initiatives. The reaction we received proved beyond doubt that Federations, clubs, football businesses and individual players share our belief that football can transform and unite communities. Following on from our session, we were delighted to meet with representatives of the game and leading experts from throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

People who love the game of football want to see the game fulfill its potential and be used for good. The same people want to get genuine results. For both of these reasons, our discussions with like-minded people and teams are already bearing fruit. Our meetings at Soccerex have created a wealth of new connections and are already leading to the start of new partnerships.

More concrete details of these partnerships will follow and we are widening our reach and looking for new ways to grow grassroots football in disadvantaged and divided communities.