About The Campaign

ACT to end abuse in women’s football NOW


#FearlessFootball is a global campaign that calls on football’s governing bodies to eliminate abuse, harassment and exploitation in women’s football.

To achieve this, AFDP Global has launched a petition, that has already been signed by former players and leading figures in football and human rights. The petition, launched to the public on Change.org on Wednesday 03 July, promotes a Declaration of Principles calling on football’s governing bodies to:

– Institute Safeguarding codes and educational programs that the exploitation, harassment, coercive control and sexual abuse of athletes, staff and referees by those in positions of authority over them are prohibited

– Implemented whistleblowing and reporting mechanisms for reporting any concerns without fear of retaliation, through transparent whistleblowing processes that are accessible, independent and responsive

– Uphold enforcement policies, including wholesale financial penalties and lifetime bans for individuals involved

– Give appropriate support to affected individuals

Why is the campaign needed?

The abuse of women and girls in football is an international problem and the current system is putting women and girls at serious risk.

The accounts of serious sexual abuse shared by members of the Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team must be a wake-up call. Governing bodies in world football must act immediately so that women and girls around the world can play football in a safe environment, free from any harassment, coercion or abuse.

The crisis in Afghanistan is not an isolated case. The abuse of women and girls in football is an international problem and the current system is putting women and girls at serious risk.

The campaign launch event

The campaign launched, in Lyon on Wednesday 03 July, at the culmination of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. At the launch, a panel discussion will outline the campaign’s key demands, as well as announcing prominent figures in football and human rights who are supporting this campaign. The panel included HRH Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein (AFDP Global Founder), Kelly Lindsey, (current manager of the Afghanistan National Women’s Team), JF Cecillon (AFDP Global CEO).

AFDP Global’s ambassadors and advisory board members were also be present at the campaign launch.

How can you lend your support?

This campaign will use strength in numbers to put pressure and partner with football’s governing bodies to adopt these principles.

We are calling on everyone who believes that women and girls should be able to express themselves through sport, in freedom and without fear, to sign our #FearlessFootball petition.

The abuse, harassment and exploitation of women and girls in football must end now.

Sign petition at change.org.