Meet the team: Q and A with Rick Parry


For the second in our series of interviews with our expert advisory board and trustees, we sat down with Rick Parry, who has held a number of high-level positions in the football world including Chief Executive of Liverpool FC and Chief Executive of the Premier League. Here, Rick talks about why he was motivated to support AFDP Global’s vision and why he thinks there is a ‘massive opportunity’ for it to make a difference.

Q1. We’re delighted to have you on the AFDP Global team. Why did you decide to join? What is it about the organisation’s mission and vision that resonates with you?

I’m a great admirer of Prince Ali and his values so I had no hesitation in accepting his invitation to join. Unsurprisingly he’s pulled a very good team together and it will be a privilege to work with like-minded people. Football has been good to me and it’s great to have the opportunity to put something back. 

Q2. What are you hoping to bring to the table as part of the AFDP Global board?

I’ve learned so much in 25 years in football, and made so many mistakes, that I hope my experience will be helpful. I believe passionately in the importance of having a clear purpose and strong values and everyone associated with AFDP  Global feels the same way. When everyone is aligned and there is no negativity, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Q3. You’ve had a long and illustrious career in football spanning several decades, including an instrumental role in establishing England’s Premier League. What are some of your stand-out highlights?

I don’t really do looking back as there’s so much to look forward to. To be involved in the creation of the Premier League was fantastic – it was challenging, frustrating, exciting and never dull. A real satisfaction was that the bedrock of the success of the league was good governance. Starting with a blank piece of paper, the principles of simplicity, transparency, accountability and independence were there from the very start. They have stood the test of time and allowed the league to flourish. 

Q4. Now that AFDP Global has launched, what are your hopes and ambitions for its future?

I think there is a massive opportunity for AFDP Global to make a difference. I have zero interest in talking shops. The satisfaction is in making things happen. Many organisations are already doing great things in football so the key will be to add value. This won’t be straightforward but with determination and commitment it is achievable. And what’s the point in trying to do something that is easy?