New Zealand: our response

Our Founder HRH Prince Ali of Jordan and all at AFDP Global are immensely saddened and shocked by the violent act of terrorism that took place in New Zealand. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families of those tragically killed.

Victims like Atta Elayyan, the New Zealand national men’s futsal team goalkeeper, whose life was cut short by this heinous act, just days before he was due to inspire others and share his skills when he was to coach his Christchurch Boys’ High School futsal team at the secondary school nationals.

Our hearts go out with our love and good wishes to the injured with our prayers for their speedy recovery.

We are one world and no matter our race, religion, origin or background must stand united against violence and terror which have no place in decent society.

AFDP Global joins in solidarity with the people of New Zealand against those who wish to destroy our society, our communities and our way of life.