AFDP Global project selection

Through a strong – and proven – methodology and governance process, we identify and select projects with high and sustainable social impact. Programmes We mainly work with social enterprises and NGOs to unite and transform communities through football. Together, we aim to develop football projects that tackle social issues, support social change and improve the lives of communities in need. These have a specific focus on education, health, team spirit and the development of social skills and they mainly support women, girls and boys. We also work to promote tolerance of difference in football. Geography Our geographic scope reflects our goal to help communities wherever they are located. This means our work crosses continents, nations, social and religious boundaries. Selection process Application We accept applications from projects and organisations themselves, including charities, and identify programmes from our network of partners, supporters and experts. Organisations looking for insight, expertise and management support apply online via an application form at It contains basic questions to help us get a general understanding of the project. Our team then contacts applicants to discuss expectations and opportunities. Assessment Applications are assessed based on predefined criteria (see below) and a clear assessment protocol. Once we have collected enough information about the project, it is submitted to our executive team for review and presented to our board for approval. Our advisory board, and external experts, are involved on a case by case basis. When the outcome of this process is positive, applicants sign a Memorandum of Understanding detailing the rights and the obligations of both parties. Selection criteria Applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  • Purpose: how well the purpose of the project is aligned to our mission and how it benefits communities in need.
  • Values: how do the values of the people involved and project align with AFDP Global values (leadership, empowerment, integrity and accountability).
  • Impact: how sustainable is the social impact of the project and how is this measured.
  • Delivery: how clearly are the objectives, milestones and needs (finance, insights, expertise) of the programme defined.
  • Team: what is the project’s leading team’s skills, capability and experience.
  • Innovation: how innovative is the project in bringing social value and sustainable impact.

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