A new chapter in social change and football: three months on

It was only three months ago that we launched AFDP Global to an audience of decision makers from the worlds of football, sport, social enterprise and NGOs. We’ve been overwhelmed by the warm and enthusiastic response that we have received in that time from our friends and supporters. From discussing human rights and sport in Paris to seeing enthusiastic audiences in the packed conference halls at Soccerex, it’s been encouraging to talk to so many people from all levels of the game who share our belief that football can change lives and create opportunities for children across the globe.

We are delighted and honoured to share with you some of the things that stand out during this exciting and busy period:

–   The launch of AFDP Global at the world-famous Emirates Stadium in London in front of leading figures from the worlds of football, sport, social enterprise and the wider NGO sector. See below for a special extended video of highlights from the launch event.


JF Cecillon and HRH Prince Ali lead a discussion at the launch of AFDP Global at the Emirates Stadium on 9 October 2018




Reema Hussein Asendar, Jim Ellis, Paul Hijazin, Rick Parry, Amanda Vandervort, Shimon Cohen, Abdullah Suleiman, Marion Vayson de Pradenne, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Yuuichiro Nakajima, James Johnson
Founder HRH Prince Ali with AFDP Global executive team, trustees and advisory board





















   The announcement of partnerships with major sport and charity partners – including War Child UK, UEFA Foundation for Children, streetfootballworld and La Liga – which build on the work of the original Asian Football Development Project and help more people in need in more places. There is more to come and our 2019 partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks.


   A panel discussion on the topic of ‘transforming communities through football’ at Soccerex USA in Miami, where we also met with football senior executives from America, world class players, influential NGOs and investors.


(From left to right) Shimon Cohen, HRH Prince Ali, JF Cecillon












   Representing AFDP Global alongside our founder, HRH Prince Ali, at the Sporting Chance Forum and Sports and Human Rights Advisory Council in Paris, playing our part in creating a world of sport that fully respects human rights.

HRH Prince Ali at the Sporting Chance Forum in Paris













   Representing AFDP Global at the AFC Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates, which is currently underway and where we are meeting with Asian federations’ senior executives and country FA presidents to share our vision of AFDP Global and to engage in partnerships.

HRH Prince Ali with Mr Du, Vice Minister of Sports, Republic of China
HRH Prince Ali with Chris Nikou, President of Australian FA



























There is no quick fix to addressing the lives of disadvantaged communities across the globe. During our first three months we been inspired by the energy and faith of so many. We will continue to build on the AFDP heritage of HRH Prince Ali whilst AFDP Global relentlessly meets the challenges, together with all those who believe in the transformative impact of football. #footballuniting