Make A Donation

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to AFDP Global. Should you wish you to make a donation, please get in touch.



Monitoring your donation

We’ve defined a strong process to monitor your donation – from the moment we receive it to when we transfer it to our projects. This is because we are accountable to all of the donors, supporters and communities we serve and these relationships are based on trust. Our aim is to give you a fair and transparent view and understanding of the social impact of the projects you fund so that you can see the difference you are making.

Here, we explain how we monitor projects and report back to every single donor. The projects that AFDP Global supports are chosen according to a clear protocol. You can read more about this in Work With Us.

Every organisation we work with agrees to sign up to our values of leadership, empowerment, integrity and accountability. Find out more these in About Us.

We allocate donations to our projects based on 10 criteria. Donors can choose to support specific projects if they want to, and can highlight this on their donation submission form.