Working Together

As we grow, we will develop partnerships with local charities, NGOs, governments and Football Associations to make sure we respond to local needs. Building on a legacy of successful projects, we guarantee our partner organisations that we will:

  • understand your existing work
  • co-design projects with greater impact
  • define very clear end goals
  • offer the required time and resources

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How do we monitor our projects

Before we work with any project we perform a risk assessment. This is to avoid any reputational, financial or ethical risks that could emerge from a lack of integrity and damage AFDP Global and its donor community. Our contracts with partners and projects include a specific clause on reporting. This is critical as it is the first step to assess achievements towards the social impact objectives we have agreed. We closely monitor all aspects of how our projects are delivered to reflect a true and fair view of the social impact our partners are making. We do this by:

  • planning regular interactions (e.g. phone calls) with the project lead (fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the project)
  • collecting information on projects from existing sources, such as social media, participants, community feedback and local communication channels
  • collecting relevant and reliable information on projects from the people leading them, including number of participants, costs, delivery schedule, key milestones and team commitment
  • visiting projects to work directly with partners and project leads to discuss challenges, requests and define next steps. Reporting is based on a collaborative relationship between AFDP Global and its partners and projects leads.