“I am proud to witness how UEFA’s support to AFDP Global is helping youth in the refugee camp overcome this difficult phase in their lives. Using football as a medium for social change continues to be our objective and we will work hard together to further strengthen our efforts”.

Alexander Čeferin, UEFA Foundation

“The strength of football lies in its ability to build bridges and bring people together behind a common goal. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and we’re extremely pleased to partner with AFDP Global which has an exceptional commitment and genuine passion towards using this unique potential of football for social change.”

Jürgen Griesbeck, Founder & CEO, streetfootballworld

“We always aim to join forces with international organizations to help develop football on a global level, especially in areas where development is needed most, that’s why we are very excited about supporting AFDP Global’s efforts that give hope and opportunity for refugees displaced by conflict.”

Javier Tebas, La Liga President

“We are delighted to enter into partnership with AFDP Global. We have seen the quality of their work, and we know with their help War Child Football Club can reach thousands of children and young people in conflict affected countries. We share the same ambition and belief that football is a universal language with the power to make a huge difference in communities torn apart by war.”

Rob William, CEO, War Child

“We are grateful, thankful and feel immensely lucky for finding the best partner in AFDP who has worked seamlessly alongside us in implementing our project in Jordan. With Prince Ali’s guidance and support we were able to make this dream a reality. We look forward to growing this excellent partnership and collaboration not just in Jordan but throughout the world.”

Rubem Cesar Fernandes, Director Viva Rio

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You are at the heart of everything we do. Together, we can have a global impact that is sustainable and will transform lives. As an individual donor, family foundation or corporate sponsor, our network of supporter communities from around the world welcomes you. Through our founder, we work with key influencers in the world of football and social change to develop projects and deliver results which supporters, like you, can be proud of. Building on a legacy of successful international projects, we guarantee you that we will:

  • design projects that respond to local needs and that make a difference to children and young people
  • achieve the maximum social return on your contribution
  • report back to you, so that you know when, where and how your contribution made a difference
  • help your organisation meet its corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives through our work, if you are a corporate sponsor.

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